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The Story Behind dluxSuites

Step into the heart of dluxSuites, where our values aren’t just words – they’re the secret sauce behind our unforgettable experiences. From crafting spaces that feel like home to curating moments that linger long after checkout, our values shape every corner of your dluxSuites stay.

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Meet The Team

Our Exceptional Staff

Behind the scenes of dluxSuites, a remarkable team of dedicated professionals works tirelessly to curate your unforgettable stay.

With a passion for excellence and a commitment to your comfort, our staff goes above and beyond to ensure every moment in our properties is nothing short of exceptional.

From seamless check-ins to personalized assistance, our awesome staff transforms your stay into a symphony of comfort, making dluxSuites not just an accommodation, but a haven where dreams come true.

Barb Hale

Managing Partner

Chris Krisciunas

Managing Partner

Richard Hale

Managing Partner

Valerie Mackenzie

Client Services

Jill Partaka

Client Services

Jill Bunnell

Client Services

Dana Scibetta

Client Services

Maggie Gilb


Maria Schimmel

Marketing & Sales

Hayley Moro

UX Design